Where is Madre de Deus located?

Madre de Deus is located in Brazil. It is positioned in "America/Bahia" time zone (GMT-3 ) with current time of 06:47 PM, Friday (difference from your time zone: hours). Madre de Deus is populated place in Bahia with population of ∼14.9 thousand.

Geographical position

Latitude: -12.74083°
8590 km
1417 km
12° 44' 26.988" South
Longitude: -38.62083°
4185 km
14899 km
38° 37' 14.988" West
Elevation: 2 m
2 m
2 m ≈ 7 feet

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Madre de Deus
36 km
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Simões Filho
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São Francisco do Conde

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