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What is latitude and longitude?

Latitude and longitude are geographical coordinates (so called GPS coordinates) and they specific the North-South (latitude) and West-East (longitude) position on the Earth's surface. Latitude is angle from -90° (South Pole) to +90° (North Pole). Equator is at 0°. Longitude is angle from -180° (West) to +180° (East). Prime Meridian is at 0° Longitude.

What is Prime Meridian?

Prime Meridian is the line from South Pole, over Greenwitch (0° Longitude) to North Pole. It divides the Earth, into two hemispheres (Eastern- and Western Hemisphere).

What is the International Date Line?

Longitude of 180°.

What is equator?

Equator is the line which divides the Earth into Northern and Southern hemispheres. Equator is positioned at Latitude of 0°.

What is Elevation?

In our case, the elevation of a geographic location is its height above the Earth's sea level. Of course there are more word meanings for elevation. The mountain drawing in elevation graph is only for comparison.

Used units:

Unit conversion: 1 km ≈ 0.62 miles, 1 m ≈ 3.28 feet.

How accurate is the population data?

Population data may be out of date, it is only approximately value, but if you primary require population information, you may visit for more accurate information.