Where is Dominica located?

Dominica is located in North America, in GMT-4 time zone (with current time of 09:46 PM, Monday). Offset from your time zone: hours. It is positioned on 754 km² area with population of approximately 72.8 thousand.

What is the capital of Dominica?

Capital of Dominica is Roseau.

Latitude-longitude position of DMA

Latitude (dec.) Latitude (DMS)
North border 15.6485199 15° 38' 54.672" North
South border 15.2042266 15° 12' 15.216" North
Height ↕ ∼49.4 km
West border East border
Longitude (dec.) -61.4841080 -61.2309018
Longitude (DMS) 61° 29' 2.789" West 61° 13' 51.246" West
Width ↔ ∼27.1 km

Dominica on world map


Largest cities in Dominica

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