Where is Togo located?

Togo is located in Africa, in GMT0 time zone (with current time of 04:47 PM, Thursday). Offset from your time zone: hours. It is positioned on 56785 km² area with population of approximately 6.6 million. Neighbor countries: Benin, Ghana, Burkina Faso.

What is the capital of Togo?

Capital of Togo is Lomé.

Latitude-longitude position of TGO

Latitude (dec.) Latitude (DMS)
North border 11.1404963 11° 8' 25.787" North
South border 6.0812000 6° 4' 52.32" North
Height ↕ ∼562.5 km
West border East border
Longitude (dec.) -0.1440420 1.8088218
Longitude (DMS) 0° 8' 38.551" West 1° 48' 31.758" East
Width ↔ ∼214.7 km

Togo on world map

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